3 Things You Should Know Before Writing About Josh Duggar

I found a REALLY great post written by Kathryn Brightbill outlining some of the politicized ideology behind Fundamentalist Christianity, the Quiverfull movement, and the actual cults within the Quiverfull ideology.

Quiverfull is a politicized ideology based on Psalm 127 that says you should have as many children as possible because those children are arrows in the culture wars. It’s explicitly about taking over society by outbreeding the rest of the population.

Fundamentalism itself wasn’t even politicized until the rise of the Moral Majority and related groups in the late 1970s. Prior to that, most fundamentalists believed that Christians should stay out of politics. The quiverfull movement came even later and didn’t gain much foothold until the 1990s.

Bottom line? Quiverfull is a subset of the politicized fundamentalism that developed in just the last forty years.


“Progressive Catholics”

It made perfect sense to me that Lutherans should be, well, Lutherans. Otherwise, why pose? Get out the tambourines and the Rubbermaid for the rebaptizing and be done with it already. (Which is what drives me crazy about so-called progressive Catholics. Admit it: you’re Episcopalians. You know it. We know it. The pope knows it. Go make a pilgrimage to Second Avenue and stop whining. You may think there’s some cachet in being a rebel, but standing up to the Vatican in 2012 is about as edgy as peeing in the Olympic pool. And you all sound like Veruca Salt off her meds. Shut your pie holes and go walk a labyrinth.) –Anthony Sacramone “The Strange Herring”

I found this quote while searching for more blog posts on Nadia Bolz-Weber and I snorted something out of my nose. My go-to insult of the week is going to be “shut your pie hole and go walk a labyrinth.”